The Team at 24/7 AC Repair Garland Urges Homeowners to Look for Warning Signs of Needed Air Conditioning Repair

September 23, 2022

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GARLAND, TX, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2022 / -- Everyone enjoys walking into a refreshingly cool home after being outside in the Texas heat. However, it is a terrible day when the indoor air is anything but crisp and feels more like a sweltering shed. The 24/7 AC Repair Garland technicians give excellent advice on how homeowners can prevent that from happening.

It all begins with knowing the signs and symptoms of AC failure. It can be easy to overlook the small stuff, but typically that’s how large-scale problems start. For example, a homeowner may notice a small leak coming from the AC unit or perhaps even some condensation on or around the machine. Those are not signs to ignore.

John, owner and master AC repair technician at 24/7 AC Repair Garland, had this to say, “Over the years, I’ve replaced plenty of air conditioners that may have only required a simple fix should the owners have called us sooner. In some cases, the damages were so bad that they negatively affected the home's surrounding structures, which is very dangerous. My staff and I recommend that all AC owners know when to call in the professionals for an assessment”.

So what exactly are some warning signs that a homeowner needs emergency AC repair services? According to the staff, the symptoms can vary, but these are the most common:

-Little to no airflow
-Warm air blowing through the vents
-Presence of foul odors
-Strange noises coming from the AC
-Faulty thermostat
-Needing frequent repairs
-Increased humidity levels in the home
-Moisture leaks in or around the unit
-Increased utility costs
-Having an old, outdated system that’s past its warranty

“My air conditioner was making some bizarre sounds last summer. I chalked it up to coincidence and went to bed for the night. However, I awoke at around 4 in the morning to the sounds being louder and water leaking all over the floor. I switched off the unit and called John and his team around 8 AM. They promptly came out and found the issue with my AC and recommended a replacement. My new unit is a remarkable upgrade compared to what I have. I am forever grateful to the company for its quick response time and friendly customer service”, said Mary Glenn, a local homeowner.

Not all AC units are cut from the same cloth, and some warning signs might look a little different between models. However, it’s safe to assume that when funny noises appear, excessive moisture and leaks happen, or the unit isn’t cooling down the home like it used to that there is a problem.

It’s extremely important not to neglect AC malfunctions, especially when a leak is present. Most AC units run on electricity. Mixing a water leak with electricity is never a safe idea.

“We went out on a service call a few years back to an elderly couple’s farmhouse. They didn’t have central air but instead had a very old-fashioned window unit. The thing probably dates back to the early 1980s. When we arrived, it was smoking! I mean, legitimately smoking. The gentleman told us that it 'always does that.' John and I were floored. We shut the unit down and found a major leak caused by a large crack on the unit's outer casing. Every time it rained, water was getting into the AC. The smoke was due to hot and exposed wires getting wet. We showed the couple the problem and how dangerous it was, and they were shocked, almost literally. I helped them choose a brand new model, and they were thrilled. That was a day that we very well could have saved a house from burning down”, said Bill Knox, an employee.

It’s recommended that all AC units undergo routine inspections, AC maintenance and that all issues are reported to a professional HVAC technician.

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